College of Dentistry - Fall 2011

BIOCD 7194 Biochemistry
CELLD 7215 Human Embryology for Dntl Stdn
CELLD 7315 Neuroanatomy for Dentistry
CELLD 8194 Pharmacology
DH 3242 General and Oral Histology
DH 3271 Dental Morphology
DH 3312 CDH I
DH 3313 CDH Theory I
DH 3322 Oral Diagnosis
DH 3342 Head Neck Anatomy
DH 3423 Oral Radiography I
DH 3513 Preventive Dentistry
DH 3980 Honors Research
DH 4144 Oral Pathology
DH 4331 Clinical Rotations I
DH 4332 DH Process of Care
DH 4341 Clinical Rotations II
DH 4401 Periodontics I
DH 4472 Pain Control Dental Hygiene
DH 4552 Community Health Issues
DH 4601 Periodontics III
DH 4950 Research in Dental Hygiene
DH 4960 Directed Reading Dental Hygien
DH 4990 Special Studies Dental Hygiene
DMS 7191 Introductory Prin Material Sci
DMS 7391 Applied Dent Mat II
DMS 8990 Special Studies
DSA 7191 Fundamentals Dental Practice
DSA 7291 Cariology and Fluorides
DSA 7392 Phenomenology Individual Behav
DSA 8105 Clinic Record Keeping/Pt Mgt I
DSA 9105 Clin Record/Pt Mngmt III
DSA 9291 Ethical/Legal Aspects
DSA 9392 Advanced Practice Mgmt
DSA 9491 Psych Bas Dent Prac
ENDO 7125 Endodontics I
ENDO 8191 Endo II
ENDO 8205 Clinical Endodontics I
ENDO 8305 Clinical Endodontics II
ENDO 8405 Clinical Endodontics III
ENDO 8990 Special Studies
ENDO 9191 Endo III
ENDO 9205 Clinical Endodontics IV
ENDO 9991 Nickel-Titanium Rotary Instru
FPRO 7125 Fixed Prosthodontics I
FPRO 8125 Fixed Prosthodontics III
FPRO 8215 Clinical Fixed Pros I
FPRO 8315 Clinical Fixed Pros II
FPRO 8990 Special Studies
FPRO 9192 Clin Fixed Prosthodontics III
FPRO 9293 Clin Fixed Prosthodontics IV
FPRO 9991 Diag Restor of Complex Cases
IMPL 8192 Oral Implantology I
IMPL 9105 Oral Implantology II
MID 7155 Etiology and Path of Disease
MID 8990 Special Studies
OCCL 7125 Dental Morphology
OD 7191 Oral Radiology
OD 7615 Patient Contact
OD 7792 Patient Contact Diagnosis
OD 8115 Clinical Oral Diagnosis I
OD 8990 Special Studies
OD 9192 Correlation Seminar
OD 9292 Oral Medicine Therapeutics
OD 9315 Clinical Oral Diagnosis IV
OD 9591 Comprehensive Dentistry I
OD 9610 Comprehensive Dentistry II
OP 7191 Systemic Path for Dental Stds
OP 8990 Special Studies
OPDT 7292 Preclinical Operative Dent II
OPDT 8191 Operative Clinic II
OPDT 9191 Operative Clinic V
OPDT 9905 Preparation WREB Dental Exam
ORTH 5522 Devel Educ Psychology in Ortho
ORTH 5531 Orthodontic Techniques
ORTH 5532 Cleft Lip & Palate
ORTH 5541 Materials Science Dental Spec
ORTH 5551 Advanced Orthodontic Technique
ORTH 5561 Articulation and Occlusion
ORTH 5711 Research Methods
ORTH 5731 Preventive Periodontics
ORTH 5732 Biomechanics
ORTH 5761 Etiol, Gen, Care of Except Pt
ORTH 5771 Graduate Practice Admin
ORTH 5940 Clinical Practice
ORTH 5950 Research Methods in Dentistry
ORTH 5970 Research Methods
ORTH 5980 Research for Masters
ORTH 5990 Special Studies in Dentistry
ORTH 7225 Developmental Dentistry Ortho
ORTH 8191 Orthodontics Lectures I
ORTH 8291 Clinical Orthodontics I
ORTH 8491 Clinical Orthodontics II
ORTH 8505 Clinical Orthodontics III
ORTH 8990 Special Studies
ORTH 9105 Clinical Orthodontics IV
OS 7192 Comp Control of Pain/Anxiety
OS 8191 Oral Surgery I
OS 8205 Clinical Oral Surgery I
OS 8990 Special Studies
OS 9191 Medical Basis Dental Practice
OS 9205 Clinical Oral Surgery III
PEDO 8191 Applied Pediatric Dentistry I
PEDO 8291 Clinical Pediatric Dentistry I
PEDO 8990 Special Studies
PEDO 8996 Child Abuse & Neglect Program
PEDO 9191 Clinical Pediatric Dent IV
PERI 5141 Literature Review I
PERI 5171 Peridontics/Prosthodon Seminar
PERI 5301 Practice Management
PERI 5341 Graduate Teaching I
PERI 5351 Graduate Teaching II
PERI 5411 Current Literature Seminar I
PERI 5611 Case Presentation Seminar I
PERI 5621 Case Presentation II
PERI 5632 Clinical Patient Care I
PERI 5741 Advanc Oral Diagnosis/Oral Med
PERI 5811 Advnced Oral Pathology Seminar
PERI 5960 Directed Readings
PERI 5980 Research For Master's Thesis
PERI 7192 Preventive Dentistry
PERI 7292 Oral Prophylaxis Technique
PERI 7491 Periodontics I
PERI 7591 Patient Contact Periodontics I
PERI 8191 Periodontics III
PERI 8291 Clinical Periodontics I
PERI 8391 Clinical Periodontics II
PERI 8990 Special Studies
PERI 9191 Clinical Periodontics IV
PERI 9205 Clinical Periodontics V
PERI 9992 Intro Teaching Clinical Perio
PHYOD 7196 Human Physiology
RD 8191 Restorative Lectures I
RD 8990 Special Studies
RD 9191 Restorative Lectures III
RP 7392 Remov Partial Prosthodontics
RP 8205 Clinical Removable Pros I
RP 8990 Special Studies
RP 9191 Clinical Removable Pros IV
RP 9291 Clinical Removable Pros V