College of Nursing

NURS 4142 Human Experience in Acute and Chronic Illness III - Summer I 2021       2-2 hrs.

Prerequisites: NURS 4026 Clinical Nursing III; NURS 4034 Human Experience in Acute and Chronic Illness II; NURS 4043 Psychosocial Nursing; NURS 4062 Nursing Research This course provides opportunities for students to review, analyze, and synthesize complex concepts as they relate to multi-system acute and chronic illness management across the lifespan. The focus is on evidence-based, patient-centered nursing care of patients and families.

Dates Sec. Class Days Times Instructor Location
06/07/2021 - 08/02/2021 110 - Lecture
WWW (Distance 100% Online)
10070 N/A N/A
06/07/2021 - 08/02/2021 210 - Lecture
WWW (Distance 100% Online)
10071 N/A N/A Peters,Karen