College of Medicine

INDT 8275 Clinical Medicine II - Fall 2020       99-99 hrs.

Prerequisites: Second Year Medical School Class This course teaches the basic clinical skills of interviewing, physical exam and diagnostic clinical thinking under the supervision of trained SPs and physicians. The activities provide clinical correlation to the basic sciences by using these skills in Problem Based Learning (PBL) activities to prepare them to optimally care for patients.

Dates Sec. Class Days Times Instructor Location
08/24/2020 - 12/18/2020 001 - Lecture
Hybrid Course(Mixed&< 75% FTF)
10753 N/A 12:00 A.M
12:00 A.M
Blevins,Steve M
08/24/2020 - 12/18/2020 002 - Lecture
Hybrid Course(Mixed&< 75% FTF)
13029 N/A N/A Blair,Robert W.