College of Medicine

INDT 8163 Lifestyle Medicine and Health Promotion II - Fall 2020       32-32 hrs.

Prerequisites: MS2 standing in the School of Community Medicine. This course provides second-year medical students within the community medicine track with the foundational knowledge of lifestyle medicine, including its applications for advancing personal, patient and population health. Evidence-based lifestyle assessment, counseling, treatment and prevention strategies, including nutrition, physical activity, sleep hygiene, and stress management, are emphasized. (Fall, Spring II)

Dates Sec. Class Days Times Instructor Location
08/10/2020 - 12/18/2020 002 - Lecture
Hybrid Course(Mixed&< 75% FTF)
14323 N/A N/A Wetherill,Marianna Susan
08/10/2020 - 12/18/2020 004 - Laboratory
Hybrid Course(Mixed&< 75% FTF)
14494 N/A N/A Wetherill,Marianna Susan