College of Medicine

INDT 8264 Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Renal Systems - Fall 2019       152-164 hrs.

Prerequisites: 2nd Year Medical Student Class This course will present the normal physiological mechanisms of the cardiovascular, respiratory, and renal systems. The course will then present the most common pathological conditions involving these systems, with an emphasis on how the pathology affects the normal systems. Finally, treatments for the pathological conditions will be presented. (Fall II)

Dates Sec. Class Days Times Instructor Location
08/19/2019 - 12/13/2019 001 - Lecture
10721 N/A 12:00 A.M
12:00 A.M
Hoehne,Trista B
08/05/2019 - 10/10/2019 002 - Lecture
13012 N/A N/A Hoehne,Trista B