College of Medicine

CELL 6020 Anatomical Sciences Teaching Practicum - Fall 2014       2-4 hrs.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of the course in which the student will do a teaching practicum. The course is designed to provide each student with supervised teaching experiences in Human Structure, Histology, Embryology, or Neuroanatomy as well as critical reviews of all teaching duties involved with the specific course. Course may be repeated for credit. Graduate students in the ILAC/Anatomical Sciences Education program must complete 10 hours of teaching practicum. Those hours need to be spread through at least 3 of the courses listed above.

Dates Sec. Class Days Times Instructor Location
08/18/2014 - 12/12/2014 001 - Practicum
14135 M T W R F 10:00 A.M
11:00 A.M
Halliday,Nancy Louise