College of Public Health - Spring 2017

BSE 5001 Biostatistics and Epidemiology
BSE 5013 Microcomputer Data Analysis
BSE 5113 Principles of Epidemiology
BSE 5153 Clinical Trials
BSE 5163 Biostatistics Methods I
BSE 5173 Biostatistics Methods II
BSE 5193 Intermediate Epidemiol Methods
BSE 5303 Epi of Infectious Disease
BSE 5733 Prin Mathematical Statistics I
BSE 5763 Applied Bayesian Stats
BSE 5960 Directed Readings Biostat/Epi
BSE 5980 Research for Masters Thesis
BSE 5990 Special Studies
BSE 6192 Grant Writing in Epidemiology
BSE 6323 Molecular Genetic Epidemiology
BSE 6663 Analysis of Multivariate Data
BSE 6950 Research in Biostats & Epidemi
BSE 6960 Directed Readings
BSE 6980 Rsrch for Doctoral Diss
CPH 7003 Integrated Public Health
CPH 7941 Practicum Prep
CPH 7950 PH Practicum
CPH 7990 Special Studies
HAP 5303 Health Policy and Politics
HAP 5323 Operations Research
HAP 5453 U.S. Health Care Systems
HAP 5563 Human Res Mgt Hlth Serv Org
HAP 5613 Financial Mangmt Hlth Serv Org
HAP 5733 Managed Care & Integrated Syst
HAP 5863 Strategic Mgmt Hlth Serv Organ
HAP 5883 Health Care Quality Management
HAP 5960 Directed Reading
HAP 5973 Seminar in Health Admin
HAP 5990 Research in Health Admin
HAP 6960 Directed Reading
HAP 6980 Research Doctoral Dissertation
HAP 7403 Experiencing Public Health Law
HAP 7913 Prof. Comm. Skills
HPS 5213 Soc & Beh Sci in Public Health
HPS 5383 Health and Illness in Old Age
HPS 5453 Theoretical Concepts
HPS 5543 Program Evaluation
HPS 5563 Program Plan for Health Promo
HPS 5960 Directed Reading
HPS 5990 Special Studies
HPS 6980 Research Doctoral Dissertation
OEH 5023 PH Bio. & San.
OEH 5734 Noise/Radiation Hazards
OEH 5743 Ind. Hyg. and Envir. Measure
OEH 5801 Basic Ergonomics
OEH 5960 Directed Readings
OEH 5980 Research For Master's Thesis
OEH 5990 Special Studies
OEH 6252 Risk Communication
OEH 6553 Occup and Environ Tox
OEH 6752 Occup Hazards Control
OEH 6980 Research Doctor's Dissertation