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9. Does HIPAA prohibit the use of smartphones for sending, receiving, or storing patient information??

No.  However, HIPAA requires you to protect the privacy and security of the information on your smartphone.  Be aware that most text messages are not secure.  If you choose to use a smartphone,

(1) know the risks (click here:  http://www.healthit.gov/providers-professionals/faqs/what-are-common-sources-threats-mobile-devices-or-health-information-th) and

(2) know the steps that the Office for Civil Rights expects you to take (click here: http://www.healthit.gov/providers-professionals/how-can-you-protect-and-secure-health-information-when-using-mobile-device).

University HIPAA policy (Safeguards) provides that individuals who store PHI on portable devices are responsible for the security of that PHI.  Refer to the University Portable Computing Device Security Policy and Standard for additional information.

OUHSC has deployed "Secure Mobile for Exchange" as one measure to protect PHI on smartphones. Enrollment is automatic for all OUHSC Exchange user email accounts see http://it.ouhsc.edu/services/infosecurity/SecureMobileFAQ.asp#Q90 for more information.

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