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OUHSC Course Request Form

This form is for OUHSC Instructors Only – If you are a student trying to access your courses in Desire2Learn, please go to

General Info: Course site request forms should be submitted each semester (or each year for clinical rotations/practicum sites). If your site is not associated with a catalog course, please complete the Request a D2L Community form instead. After completing and submitting this form, you will receive an email notification when your site is ready for use.

Processing Form: Please, allow 48 hours for full processing of this form. It is strongly recommended to request your sites early (about a month in advance of student/class activities beginning).

Enrollments/Classlist: Student enrollments start about 3 weeks before each semester. After site enrollments start, update files are run each night to add/drop students as needed. Late added sites will take 24 hours to start enrollments. Please contact as needed if you have Classlist questions or notice problems with your site student enrollments.

Faculty Information

First Name: * Last Name: *
OUHSC Email: * Username  e.g. jsmith*

Course Information

If necessary, contact your college's students services office or access the class schedule to obtain this information, or provide comments below as to why this information is not applicable or not available.

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If yes, please list the catalog number and semester of the course you wish to be copied.
  e.g. (PHAR 1234 Fall 2011)

Adding Additional Faculty/Staff to Sites: Site instructors are welcome to add additional faculty/staff as needed to your own sites or add your colleague’s information below for new sites. If you need additional assistance adding faculty or staff to sites, please contact your college D2L support person or email as needed.

Other Information

Would you like another staff member added to the course? Please provide the first and last name, OUHSC email address and username as listed in the Global Email Address on Outlook. You can also use the provided link to lookup more information: please click here. *

(If yes, please complete the information below.)
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If you need assistance with your OUHSC username and/or password, please click here.