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OUHSC Community Request Form

This form is for OUHSC Instructors Only – If you are a student trying to access your courses in Desire2Learn, please go to

Upon receipt of this request, Desire2Learn (D2L) system administrators will review your information and respond to the sponsor(s) listed below. Unlike courses, leaders requesting a community site are responsible for adding users into the community and maintaining current user listings each year.

Community leaders are also expected to maintain (current and accurate information) and monitor all community postings and member activities on the site for appropriate use.

Please contact with any questions.

Special Note: Forms are processed as quickly as possible when received but please allow up to 48 hours for full processing and access.

Community Request Information

Name of Community: *
Faculty/Staff Sponsor: *
Primary Student Leader: if applicable
Purpose of Community: what general activities and information will this site facilitate?

Community Leader(s) Contact Information
Responsible for the content and activities within the community
  1. For OUHSC leaders, please provide the first and last name, OUHSC email address and username as listed in the Global Email Address on Outlook. You can also use the provided link to lookup more information: please click here.

  2. For affiliate leaders who DO NOT have an OUHSC account, please provide the first and last name, personal email address, and type External for username. Administrators will provide a username and password to login.

  Request non-OUHSC members (subject to approval)

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